10 Types Personality Of Coffee Favorites

Assessing Personality Of Coffee Favorites
Do you like to drink coffee with extra syrup? Or maybe you prefer a frothy coffee with lots of cream?

That’s right we’re talking about the types of coffee. Coffee shops is a must when all the activity outside (such as those experienced when stuck in the queue Yahoo! spring concert – click here to find out so as not to be late to watch the concert), so we were a little bit curious about the various personalities you when ordering Haribo sweets warm coffee with peach flavor (it shows something).

Your personality type according to Coffee


The notion of the coffee shop are aspirational. In other words, tradition worth five cents in the dinner became a symbol of prosperity among the middle class, both in the United States and around the world. Ordered a cup of coffee means that you are included among the.

James Moore and Judi James who authored “The You Code: What Your Habits Say About You” claims that far exceed the taste of coffee choice “With a wide selection of foams, creams and drinks topingnya this has created a very deep psychological level related to self-confidence, stress levels and comfort when childhood. “Personality coffee, paraphrased from” The You Code “:

1. Instant coffee
Ubiquitous instant coffee sold. All it takes is to brew hot water, stir, immediately drink. There are already mixed with milk, there is also a pure coffee. Fans of this kind of coffee usually want everything quickly and immediately, without much effort. Sometimes sacrifice quality for the sake of chasing time. Could be, the first woman who likes a direct “shot” to be a girlfriend though only know a week.

2. The non-caffeine coffee
Everyone knows, coffee contains caffeine which can harm health, but often denied by the coffee mania. For those who love the smell of coffee but the fear of caffeine, there is a kind of a drink called non-caffeine coffee (decaf). Fans of this drink is very concerned with health problems. Very selective in choosing healthful foods or beverages only. He is also afraid of taking risks that could harm him.

3. Coffee rollers
Some like to drink coffee directly from fresh coffee beans are ground. In supermarkets and stores sold these types of fresh coffee. However, if he’s got the tools of milled coffee at home, meaning he likes to grind their own coffee beans. That is, he always wants to do everything himself, very independent, and does not depend on anyone. It could also mean, he’s not easy to believe in others.

4. Espresso
Types of coffee are very strong and very dark because it is made directly from coffee beans with very little water content. Called espresso as cafes and restaurants serve it in a short time in a small glass. This is thanks to the technology of the Italian espresso machine. Please fans of this kind of coffee a great experience, loud, and full of challenges. Although fond of dangerous things like driving a car at high speed. They are also usually very creative. On the other hand, they are very demanding, both in yourself, and those around him.

5. Cappuccino
Cappuccino is espresso plus a mixture of milk, served in large glasses. A blend of espresso coffee and milk produce a brown color similar to the clothes of the Capuchin monks, then called cappucino. Enthusiasts of this type include those who relaxed in the face of anything. Do not want to be rushed, although in the end everything can dibereskannya. Her life like enjoying a cappucino, lightweight but still delicious.

6. Coffee mix
Today many coffee mixed a variety of materials to produce various flavors. There is coffee mixed with caramel syrup, plus ground cinnamon, or plus mocha. This type of coffee enthusiasts do not like the things that are considered reasonable by many people. Wanted to perform and think different. With him, people never get bored, because he always find new things to do.

7. Irish Coffee
There is one type of coffee is very hard, the Irish coffee (Irish coffee). Hard because alcohol is mixed. Coffee and alcohol have contradictory effects. Coffee making people literate and enable awareness, while alcohol made unconscious mind. Fans of this drink has ideas, thoughts, and sometimes opposite properties. In time, he could look happy, and a moment later moody.

8. brewed coffee
Brewed coffee powder together with the waste, sometimes without sugar, and drunk while the waste is still floating. This coffee enthusiasts like everything natural, and not tolerant of lies. No matter how bitter the truth, he will receive.

9. decaf lovers soymilk
being pretentious environment than environmental warrior. For those who are not allergic to cow’s milk, it implies choice fussy and arrogant attitude.

10. Iced Coffee
Well for coffee enthusiasts of this one was destined to always be different (lha wong coffee is usually enjoyed hot-hot, this difference really), it will usually be a trendsetter. In addition, iced coffee lovers is an outgoing person and easy to get along with anyone. Worse, iced coffee drinkers usually include people who are careless, now you know! Biker not careless yes, dangerous … !!

Well, that was no ordinary 10 types of coffee are drunk people, including biker if it is associated with personality. Not suppose or guess just because the origin of the summary results of the above study is based on scientific evidence, so it can be accounted for truth, though not absolutely 100% correspond to reality.

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