Benefits of coffee for the beauty

Coffee is one of the most famous drink worldwide because of the number of fans very much. Drink made from refined grains is indeed likely to have a bitter taste and that makes people around the world are like this one drink. One proof of the many coffee fans is you will easily find a coffee shop or in Indonesia itself is most familiarly called by the name of the coffee shop. In addition, many recipes are offered to you in a cup of coffee
Coffee drinks made from coffee beans that have a brown color with its caffeine content is quite high. Caffeine present in coffee is used as a refreshment of the body, especially during the sleepiness started to hit. Perhaps you yourself also been doing, is not it?
Amun, did you know that drinking coffee was not limited to simply as relieving drowsiness alone know. These days a lot of people who use coffee as facial and body treatments as well. When this has been a lot of beauty products on the market which adds the content of the coffee inside. This is done because they believe that the grains this one has a pretty good efficacy against beauty

Any yes usefulness, the following are some of the benefits of coffee for beauty and hair.

1. Counteract free radicals

scrub coffee
Inside the coffee beans are beneficial antioxidants to fight free radicals that can cause a variety of problems on skin health, such as cancer, acne, and premature aging. This fact is a recent study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital reported Womansday states that a person who drank at least three (3) cups of coffee a day had a 20% lower risk of developing skin cancer in women and 9% in men. For that reason, many night creams which extract the caffeine in coffee beans to be used as additional content therein. Actually, you can immediately enjoy the benefits by making a mask of coffee beans mixed with a few drops of olive oil.

2. Disguise cellulite
The caffeine content in coffee is effective to disguise the appearance of cellulite. Even the coffee powder is the secret of an actress Halle Berry in getting a perfect skin without cellulite. Masks coffee introduced by practitioners face or facial treatments and a variety of services ‘skin care’ to maintain normal pH of the body to keep and maintain good health by preventing various bacterial growth that may exist on the skin. This mask is called suitable for all skin types. You can use ground coffee to be used as a scrub to your body on a regular basis. Do massage by way of a circular motion for a few minutes on the skin surface, especially on the skin most cellulite. In addition to the clot can break down fat in the skin surface, ground coffee was also going to remove dead skin cells.

3. Disguise eye bags
The caffeine in coffee is so powerful in overcoming the dark circles under the eyes. Use coffee powder that has been mixed with a little water. to compress the bottom of a blackened eye. Perform maintenance on this one so that bags under the eyes can disappear slowly.

4. Relieve inflammation
Besides containing antioxidants, caffeine in coffee also act as an anti-inflammatory that can be used to relieve inflammation of the skin that can also cool it down anyway. It can also be used to burn the skin due to sun exposure. Talking about the health of the skin, especially facial skin can not be separated from the rest of the toxic substances contained in the food or the food itself. Substances contained in coffee making these drinks are diuretics that encourages a person to be able to remove toxins remaining in the body come out simultaneously with the process of urination / urinary and facilitate someone to defecate (BAB).

Smooth bowel movements is one way to get rid of acne. Because we realize it or not, someone with severe acne / inflamed bowel movements tend irregular and even less so megalami constipation.

5. Nourish hair


You already know yet that caffeine is also quite effective in nourish hair? Caffeine has been believed to stimulate the growth of hair at the same time strengthen the hair roots. To obtain the benefits, you can use coffee as a steeping water rinse on your hair after using shampoo. Do not forget, after settling a few minutes cleanse your hair with clean water.

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