Cambodia Coffee

Cambodia Coffee Shop

Ever visit Cambodia? A country is known for Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields also has an attractive coffee culture. Centered on a capital called Phnom Penh, Cambodia actually similar to our country. Still fit into the category of developing countries, Phnom Penh city streets full of vehicles, congestion everywhere, school children, workers went to the office and all the things that show the state of the morning in Cambodia is similar to what happened in Indonesia.

In Cambodia, agricultural coffee is grown in the highlands of North Mondulkiri in Cambodia. The coffee beans are roasted to black. Coffee farming in Cambodia same as in Indonesia, only Indonesia, more mountainous coffee taste more diverse causes.


Jasmin tea on coffee

But there are clear differences in coffee. If (the majority) of Indonesia like coffee in the warm, others within Cambodia, the coffee is brewed and served cold, and some add the sweetened condensed milk. Ah yes, it is normal? So what’s different?

People Cambodia is unique in enjoying coffee. They like to add green tea to coffee. According to it, the tea will cleanse our mouths and will be made fresh. Some are mixed from the beginning, some of the mix when the coffee is almost eroded.

Adding jasmine tea (in powder form) may sound strange thing. But, like mayonnaise with potatoes, it is said to this mixture works well. The color of coffee is no longer black, but light golden brown. One of the fans of this type of coffee says it felt refreshing but still feels a sense robusta.

Until now still no studies that describe the second mixing this drink. Whether it is beneficial or not for the body? Ah, if we enjoy it, so-so yes we forget for a while about this health. Hehe …
Has anyone ever tried it?

Cambodia Coffee Shop

Cambodia Coffee Shop

in Cambodia, the US dollar can be used for transactions, so no need to exchange currency riel. After the coffee shop, we also tried the coffee shop while chatting. the atmosphere was very pleasant, although the roar of the coffee I said very simple. Probably because it was not in the city itself, so I really enjoyed. the hot coffee we finally came after 15 minutes of our previous message. Sruput, woo ow wow, tastes very good, solid black and tasted very sour but no sweetness. All my friends were also approved of what I say, delicious coffee.

I asked the brand of coffee in the coffee seller can not the English language, and it turns out the coffee we drink is coffee Vietnam. This coffee he smuggled from Vietnam. it feels incredible. Even if it is expensive, we also still buy coffees from Vietnam.

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