Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee

For those of you, coffee lovers may have a habit every morning to sip a cup of hot coffee. Drinking Coffee habits of this seem to be mandatory activities the morning after or before bathing. So, something was odd when leaving the coffee morning worship.

But, you are not aware of the extent to which drinking coffee affects almost all of your body, from the eyes to the blood, even a few minutes after you sip? There is a small observation on the effects of coffee can affect everything in our bodies.

Diagram Coffee Health Body

Diagram Coffee Health Body


If you feel the need to work hard in one day because of a deadline or stay awake while driving, a cup of coffee can be your best friend. Caffeine is a stimulant and some evidence suggests that caffeine can improve mental function and strengthens the ability to concentrate.

In short, the brain works by sending chemicals called neurotransmitters via synapses – this is the way our brain works. Caffeine is a psychoactive compound that drives these neurotransmitters that allow them to operate more efficiently. Caffeine helps the chemical process is getting better. According to Leavey, a researcher, we will be more mentally alert after 30 minutes we drinking coffee.


Caffeine also triggers the sympathetic nervous system you. These systems governing body conscious neural activity, such as mode activates the fight-or-flight. Caffeine will stimulate the receptors in the brain that tells the body to activate more adrenaline. The impact, awareness will be something you will be sharper.


You certainly know that eating lots of coffee will cause you white teeth yellow. Yes, it will take effect when you rarely dental hygiene. But, on the other, it contains quite a lot of coffee polyphenols, micronutrients that have been proven effective in killing bacteria plaque in the mouth. Precisely this will not be helpful when you add the gingerbread, creamsicle, or Nutella to your coffee.

the effect of coffee on teeth

the effect of coffee on teeth

The addition of sugar or milk into the coffee will make coffee like a double-edged sword because at the time of polyphenols dissolve plaque, milk and sugar can easily penetrate into the tooth area that will grate and cause demineralization and decay later. But, if you choose black coffee, you will be prone to dental cavities.

The coffee that brings the polyphenols it will remove plaque, but leave a yellowish color in your teeth. So, after you consume coffee to make sure you brush your teeth and maintain dental hygiene you whenever it comes.


the effect of coffee on the heart

the effect of coffee on the heart

According to Leavey, eating two cups of coffee a day is not harmful, but it would be problematic if someone had previously suffered from heart disease or high blood pressure. Since coffee will make the adrenaline increased many-fold. Once you consume coffee, about 15 minutes later, the caffeine will begin to increase heart rate and blood pressure up to 15%.

Gastric Digestion

There are several reasons behind the downing espresso after dinner. Caffeine will trigger receptors in the stomach and increases the secretion of gastric about 10 to 15 percent – a small, but significant, improvement.

Caffeine relaxes the sphincter, which is a bundle of muscles located at the base of your esophagus that acts as a gateway to keep food from entering the trachea.


There is a unique, caffeine in coffee will stimulate your stomach, tell them to work harder and faster. Guts will operate quickly to immediately process the stool and compact. So once the process of spending will condense and not in liquid form. Would be fatal if liquid form. Hiii ….

Urinary tract

As every loyal coffee drinkers would know if a dangerous book-sized coffee drinks while on his way. Coffee acts as a diuretic, which affects the renal tubules in your body to send more water. Hence, drinking coffee will make you more often to the bathroom.


Did you know that coffee appeared to contain cholesterol? Well, you know! It’s the impact on your blood. The coffee does contain oil. It will be seen from the screening process / brewing. This oil which later resulted in increased your cholesterol. But, it will be minimized by the filter or the method that you use. Methods coffee of high pressure will push this oil so the coffee that you enjoy will be minimal oil. So, if you eat them you do not have to worry about cholesterol. If french press, not including, okay

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