Food Ingredients that can be Coffee Mixed

The creativity Coffee mixed of a person against a thing could actually make something on one level. What nonsense, in addition to coffee with milk or sugar. May was not surprised if we see how the yogurt with a variety of toppings that make yogurt in the meal more enjoyable. Interest topping sometimes also to reduce the sour taste of yogurt itself. So do not be surprised if you buy yogurt topping an offer in the form of coco crunch, jelly, chocolate chips, and others.

Not only yogurt that can be given an extra, but the coffee can! These additions on the basis of the experiment itself, not research. But, he does something that departs on the basis of our own innovation will make happy.

So, with a capital showering and then stirred, we can enjoy the taste of mixed coffee with more variety, depending on what additional ingredients you enter. Clutch will specify what additional can be used to combine with your coffee.

yes, before coffee interfere with other materials. Make sure that you have the coffee is fresh. Because of the context, you still drink coffee, you know. So that the original taste of the coffee is not lost, it is recommended to continue using the fresh coffee.

Coffee Mixed with Spice

Do not think that spice seasoning only serves as a complement to food. With cinnamon and nutmeg, ginger and even you can add to your coffee cup. In Israel, this is not a stranger anymore, coffee mixed with cardamom (a type of cardamom) and produces a strong flavor. In Indonesia, there are many places that sell the ginger coffee.

Sweetened condensed milk

Kopi Vietnam Drip with Milk

Kopi Vietnam Drip with Milk

If this still is not foreign. Maybe you often use or view, namely coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Usually done when making coffee with Vietnamese drip method.


Regular syrup together with the coffee when making a fusion coffee, such as cappuccino, hazelnut latte, and others. Syrups commonly used for coffee consists of a variety of flavors such as hazelnut and rum. The aim was to instill a sense without having to use the original material.

Vanilla / almond extract

A dash of vanilla or almond extract can encourage you, especially when allowed to stand in the refrigerator.

Ice cream

affogato ice

affogato ice

You must have often viewed affogato, yes is arguably perfect match between coffee and other extras beyond the milk / sugar. Moreover, is espresso coffee made. Hmmm, the bitter acid taste of espresso mixed with sweet milk can arouse your tongue.


salt with coffee

salt with coffee

Some people like to put a bit of salt into their coffee to reduce the bitter taste of the coffee. If your coffee is already not bitter, not recommended to add salt to it. Moreover, salt is also considered to add enjoyment to the cold coffee. Soundless familiar indeed. But that’s the reality, the salty it could be a ‘good friend’ your delicious coffee.


Adding alcohol to coffee beverages is not something new. This tradition has been going on since the first in Ireland, Sweden, Russia and some other European countries. Alcohol is believed to increase pleasure in the taste of coffee. And it is making a traditional drink that remains popular to this day.

Coconut milk

Want to enjoy a cappuccino or café latte in a non-dairy version? Why not try mixing coffee with coconut milk? Maybe, at first, it felt a little bit awkward. But there’s no harm in enjoying coffee milk with a little vanilla extract. In some countries, the coffee drinkers who are allergic to dairy products enjoy coffee by mixing coconut milk into it.


Coffee with egg

Coffee with egg

Mixing raw eggs with coffee is something unimaginable. But it is precisely what the coffee drinkers who are in the Nordic countries and Scandinavia. They enjoyed coffee with a raw egg mixture that tastes (he said) delicious. Well, you dare to try?

Actually, other additions can your creativity own coffee mixed. maybe you want to add promenade or infusion with guava juice? Yes, free. As long as you like it why do not you do it to get good coffee mixed?

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