Electrolux ECM3200 Coffee Maker – 1. 5L


Greet the Morning Sun with a Cup of Electrolux Coffee Grind, Recognizing the needs of households of each grain of coffee in the morning is required marker Grind & Brew coffee type of ECM 3200. This tool can speed up the serving of coffee in the morning for coffee beans ground immediately at any time. Preprogram the system tool is ready to work whenever needed.

Coffee lovers can set the print density the corresponding number of cups of coffee and the like. You can save time and free to do all the activities in the morning. The advantages of this type of coffee maker have a high ability to work at the same time can grind coffee beans.

It looks smooth and radiant. The display panel on the front of the stainless steel. This tool can adjust the aroma of coffee is thick, medium, and light.

Entertaining a large family with fresh coffee would be nice. Electrolux ECM3200 Coffee Maker – Black with power 915 – 1080 watt may be an option for the beginner who wants to provide large capacity coffee without having to brew a cup. This coffee maker is equipped with various features that the water level indicator, anti-drip valve, and handle of filter that can be removed.



You can make your coffee concoction with a minimum capacity of up to a maximum of 1:35 L 1.5 L or 10 to 15 cup with a coffee maker this.

Water Level Indicator
This feature will show the amount of water necessary to clear so that you can determine the right dose.

Valve Anti Drops
Coffee Maker Electrolux ECM3200 has an anti-drip valve, combined with a removable filter basket. This will prevent water droplets so that you do not have to bother cleaning up of water droplets.

The handle Filter Removable
The coffee machine is equipped with a movable filter handles making it easier for you when inserting and removing the filter.

Leave your old habits of cooking. Make it easy for your life while cooking. A perfect technology that is designed using high-quality materials. This product is specifically developed for the conditions in Indonesia. Saving electricity. Worried that the kitchen tools you will use a large electric power? This product requires only a smaller electric power.

Electrolux EKF3700

Electrolux EKF3700

Specs Electrolux Coffee Maker ECM-3200

  1. Model = Coffee Maker ECM-3200
  2. Production country = China
  3. Size (L x W x H cm) = 20x30x30
  4. Weight (kg) = 4
  5. Color = Black

Excess Electrolux Coffee Maker ECM-3200 Black

  1. quality materials
  2. easy to use
  3. Durable

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  1. Jarita says:

    Yes, I knowing about this Electrolux coffee maker. It’s looks so nice and very moderate. I Am knowing about this coffee maker from, One of my friend. She told me, It is really nice and very easy to handle. I should buy this coffee maker, for my home.

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