Pancong coffee and coffee culture in West Kalimantan

Pancong coffee

Pancong coffee, Night had just arrived. Stretching nightlife in Gajah Mada street , Pontianak began. Along the way, seen many rows of two-wheeled vehicles are parked neatly, right in front of the coffee shop (warkop). Total warkop in Jalan Gajah Mada is quite a lot. There are classy, some are mediocre.

Various chat flow. Starting from a serious matter, the business up to the stories of other rumors continue to flow in the coffee shop.

Enchantment night Pontianak City has now become one of the attractions. Rows of coffee houses are typical. One of them is Coffee pancong. So called because the coffee is poured into a glass measuring not full, but only half a glass. To be able to enjoy a cup of coffee pancong fragrant, the true coffee lovers just pay Rp 1,500 – Rp 2,000 per glass.

Besides offering coffee enjoyment typical pancong Pontianak, warkop also provide hot coffee at a dosage cup that fits. A glass of tasteful coffee can be enjoyed at a price of Rp3,000 – Rp3,500. Before ordering a cup of coffee, the waiters warkop will give two deals. Want a coffee filter or coffee powder.

Gajah Mada street

Gajah Mada street

For those who are regular pancong coffee, such questions would be answered according to taste. Filter coffee is a coffee drink filtered before serving. Because through the screening process, the coffee produced any color is not too dark. While the ground coffee is coffee drinks served by way of brewing coffee powder directly into the glass. Because it is presented in a way brewed, then make sure the original coffee aroma will immediately smell. Savory and fragrant.

To create loyal customers linger, some employers warkop in Jalan Gajah Mada vying to provide excellent service.

For those who like to drink coffee in the open air, some employers warkop has a special desk that is placed close to the highway. To who likes to surf, hot spots also on offer. Special care is also provided on the football mania. Actions of the world footballer who played in the Bundesliga, Liga Calcio, even at the stage the World Cup, every moment can be seen through a white screen that is displayed on one wall warkop.

So often hang out in a coffee shop, so many who had asked him if do not have a job. ?? I’ve been asked this way. Bang, brother does not work? Why a day in warkop? do not love my wife and children living ??? ?? Yes that’s people who do not know. They concluded that people who daily hanging out in the warkop unemployment. ?? Yet according Atmabudi, a manufacturer of office in a coffee shop able to provide for his wife and children. The proof ?? I still can give the money to the wife at home, ?? he explained.

Caffee shop Gajah Mada street

Caffee shop Gajah Mada street

Arguably, the coffee shop is an office with various types of work. There gathered brokers, brokers, designers, players share, and the other as.

Another coffee shop customers, Beni Sulastyo, said the coffee shop has now developed into a kind of job market. Become room to transact, lobby, and promotions. ?? Anything could be offered there. But the average line of business that was involved is a creative industry, ?? Swadeshi or Tuft said Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs in.

But there are disadvantages because the office is not clear, they are difficult to obtain a capital loan. ?? Want to be examined, the cook would love warkop.??Ahmad address Sofian, author of books on the coffee shop said the current growth in the number of coffee shops in London continue to rise. In 2010 alone, he observed, there is 234 little coffee shop. ?? Now is certainly greater. ?? Most coffee shops scattered in Jalan Gajah Mada and Tanjongpura.

There is a special division of this matter. Gajah Mada in most of the visitors is young people, while in Tanjongpura most parents. Coffee shop used as an office usually is a coffee shop that provides hotspots. Today many warkop that provides free internet. The goal is to attract as many customers. ?? Most of our right are highly dependent on the internet. We are used to working telework or work remotely, ?? Beni clear.

If counted, warkopreneur has reached hundreds of people. In one warkop, for example in Aming, the numbers alone reached 25-30 people. In Warkop Winny, Gajahmada, could reach 40 people. Fahrurrazi, which is also active in Swadeshi mengatakan¸teman-friend who worked at a coffee shop instead did not want to have an office. But for those who have a minimum investment, rather than rent office space that can reach dozens of millions per year, better office in a coffee shop. ?? The day of the most exhausted 20ribu. That includes coffee and lunch, ?? said Fahrurraz

Pancong coffee with fried banana honey

Pancong coffee with fried banana honey

Well, now there are at your choice. Wants to select coffee while surfing the internet, or coffee while watching the live broadcast of a football game world, everything is available in warkop. Special deals like this can continue to be enjoyed throughout the night. Sunday night special, warkop will be open until late at night. So famous coffee beheaded in Pontianak there is even a song


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