Asian Dolce Latte premium Starbucks Espresso Roast


Starbucks Indonesia has also introduced their new beverage, the Asian Dolce Latte. Mirza from the Learning and Development Starbucks also shared their experiences and knowledge about the journey of coffee, starting from the grower, buyer, roaster to process barista. The process is quite long and interesting it makes the coffee produced by Starbucks has always been a favorite for the wider community.

For friends who like coffee drinks heavily, probably would like to have black coffee Sumatra. The taste is bitter but not as a whole, when taken slowly almost like drinking chocolate but still there is a sense of bitterness, strong aroma of spices was once the poor, and the coffee is less acidity making it safe for the stomach.

Starbucks never deserted coffee lover innovation to be able to indulge in the coffee shop. Innovation in the form of a menu, for example. For lovers of Starbucks certainly was familiar with the menus created Starbucks. Menu favorite of all would fall on the variant Frappuccino. Ice blended with a variety of coffee and ingredients are of good quality have a taste of the ‘friendly’ for those who enjoy it.

One variant is the Asian Dolce Frapucinno. Asian Dolce who has just launched a few months ago was, at first only presented in the form of a latte and ice. Now Starbucks Indonesia launched as a complementary types frappuccino Dolce Asian variant.



Asian characteristics Dolce Frappuccino is located on the strength of two shots of espresso that is becoming more balanced with a mixture of milk and sweetness of the sauce dolce and also extra whipping cream on top. Milk used in this menu is the kind of low-fat milk. Soft, creamy, sweet tasted once from frappuccino this one.

By introducing a new drink Starbucks namely Asian Dolce Latte. Seasonal drinks are only available in the Asia Pacific region. Asian Dolce Latte is made from a mixture of dark-roasted premium Starbucks Espresso Roast, with a mixture of dolce sauce and steamed milk in until it was perfect.

Asian drinks Dolce Latte is available in two variants can be served hot or cold. I prefer this drink in the cold version because I think the taste of coffee is not too prominent, fairly balanced with the sweet taste of fusion dolce sauce with Espresso Roast itself and milk steamed is so smooth it will feel more rich and milky and no extra whipped cream with espresso dusting on it.

While Asian Dolce Latte in a hot version, in which already there is a double shot of Espresso Roast that feels more dense and tasted more rich coffee.



No wonder because Starbucks using the best Arabica beans for every espresso drink them, so as to produce a strong aroma and give a personal touch that is different for every coffee lover. As before Asian Dolce Latte drinks this, we must first stir his drink so the desired flavor can be obtained perfectly.

As usual, Starbucks always provide escort companion for every new drink to be launched. Some of them are Chocolate Eclair Sumatra, Sumatra Mousse Cake, and Half Double Decker Sandwich.

Puff pastry filled with chocolate truffles and Sumatra coffee in it. Taste good but for me Eclair which is too sweet. But be a great fit if you eat it while drinking coffee Eclair Sumatra, sweetness so it is not too pronounced.

Mousse cake with chocolate coating, additional Sumatran coffee and cream cheese in it. This cake is so soft texture as the name suggests, mousse cake. The taste of chocolate and cream cheese and coffee in it integrated perfectly, not too sweet, light in the mouth and does not make energy.

Sandwich Starbucks output is worth you try, it’s Become one of my favorite menu in Starbucks! The composition of the three layers of white bread that has been toasted, no egg omelet, slabs of cheese, lots of lettuce, sliced tomato and chicken smoked sheets in it. Initially look ordinary, but once eaten, I instantly fell in love. When eaten, the bread did not doormats, unlike most of the sandwiches. Its content is also solid, fresh and tasty vegetables all! Love it!

Anyone who has been curious about the beverage’s Asian Dolce Latte? Yuk immediately docked to the nearest Starbucks outlet, I’m craving for the cold one while I write this … See you there! 🙂

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