All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

Although most Indonesian people are still using ‘unfiltered’, good coffee is coming out of a long process, starting from the coffee grinder until the coffee brewer is the requirement that the best coffee can be enjoyed.

Although many negative assumptions about them, coffee is actually storing nutrients and essential minerals, antioxidants, and helps the body to release the hormone adrenaline. The problem is getting a delicious coffee is not easy, and instant powder in containers, not a healthy alternative. That’s why it is very important for the role of barista coffee lovers.

Your coffee lovers who travel a lot like feel bothered if not it should bring a grinder and a coffee maker in the suitcase? Instead of nothing anyway, if not gone very far and suitcases were taken not large, sometimes like so spend a fact. But if not taken, well, I think life is hard. Especially if you’re the type of people who need to take proper coffee in the morning. Not necessarily a morning coffee you can find a liking while staying in a new place, is not it?

If you can not live a day without coffee, then you’re not much different from a Korean businessman named Hansang Yoon. Within a day, he drank three to four cups. But although she was so in love with the caffeinated chocolate liquor, Hansang reluctant to buy an espresso machine because it is expensive, and spend $ 15 a day is not a way of life-saving.

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker Part

Experts in the coffee world it seems increasingly understand the desire of coffee lovers. You’ve never heard of a coffee maker comprising grinder, filters, pipettes and glass but integrated into one device? This tool is very portable because not eating place and light. Finally, he managed to create his own solution in a device called Cafflano Classic.

The Cafflano Classic is a coffee machine that all-in-one. Cafflano measuring 19 x 9 cm. This looks like a tumbler Cafflano used to travel, but when you open, Cafflano Classic will present an amazing view where grinder, filter, and glass have in one bottle.

You do not need to learn to be a barista in advance because its operation is also very easy, basically, we just needed coffee beans and hot water, with no electronic components.

This way: Adjust grinder to a fineness of coffee you want, enter the coffee beans, and began to pulverize via a rotary shaft. Then it’s off grinder and pour hot water, then let stand for 45 seconds. After that, you are welcome to add water according to taste. Open the filter, and you get a mug of coffee, can be made anytime and anywhere.

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

Coffee maker all-in-one that utilizes a combination of stainless steel materials, ceramics, silicone and polypropylene in the main body. Cafflano Klassic capable of storing about 15-ounce coffee, and the design is more elegant than the first version. According to Hansang and Beans crop team, the product is carried by a simple vision – for the sake of serving coffee-making tools that are affordable, simple and portable.

The second phase of the campaign on Kickstarter Cafflano short runs, and now it’s over. But of course, we can pre-order directly on the site There, Cafflano Classic sells for $ 100.

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