Piccolo Latte from Australia

Piccolo Latte from Australia

Piccolo is served in a small cup, but do not underestimate this kind of coffee delish. Basically Piccolo Latte Ristretto shot is derived from extracts Espresso that produces about 15-20 ml of fluid. Ristretto is the best part of the extraction process Espresso because the texture is soft and acidic and too little due to the length of the extraction process.

So to make a cup of Piccolo Latte, you need a single shot Ristretto and about 100ml steamed milk. This is usually served in a tiny cup of coffee. The flavors are presented in Piccolo cup Ristretto she feels strong, but still there is the cream of milk sometimes appears.

In the land of the Kangaroo, Piccolo is regarded as one of the best-selling coffee which is often the choice of visitors to cafes. There is the little debate to determine how the composition should piccolo latte. Some say consists of a single 30ml shot of espresso with milk that has been heated in an 80ml measuring cup. But some make it with a double ristretto 20ml with more milk but remain in the measuring cup 80ml.

The difference was not significant, however, the composition, piccolo latte is a unique coffee. Choosing the same test piccolo latte specialty coffee with a light roast profile, only plus milk. The sour taste of coffee beans successfully balanced by the sweetness and creamy milk.

Piccolo Latte from Australia

Piccolo Latte from Australia

There is a myth circulating in Sydney when initially piccolo latte’s existence began when barista wants to check the results of brew and roast them when mixing coffee with milk, instead of a caffe latte. Because if they have to take dozens of cups of caffe latte a day eventually nausea definitely yes.

Macchiato and cortado regarded as `nephew` of piccolo latte. Grain shape is similar, only depending on the composition of milk and espresso. Cortado itself according to Matt Sheridan, a barista in Sydney, is a drink whose composition is between piccolo latte and caffe latte. With a single shot composition and the about one-third cup of milk.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, people used to call it piccolo latte with gibraltar, a name first coined by Blue Bottle Coffee. But, in fact, gibraltar cup size is a little bit bigger than piccolo latte.

The name Gibraltar comes from James Freeman, owner of Blue Bottle Coffee, a famous coffee shop in San Francisco. Initially, James is making a latte is small in size and pour it into glasses cost measuring 5 ounces. Well, these glasses made in a glass factory in Ohio called “Gibraltar”. Finally, both James and his customers call this coffee with the name “Gibraltar”.

Gibraltar is actually similar to Cortado, a coffee beverage of Spain consists of espresso and warm milk topped with a ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2. In Cuba, Cortado is called “cortadito” and had migrated to Miami for a long time, actually, because it was brought by the immigrants from Cuba about the ’60s. So the name of Gibraltar is only known to people outside Miami. “Cortar” its own meaning in Spanish is “cut”.

Piccolo’s taste is as written above, not bitter, not sweet, once fitted in the mouth. The Smaller size of latte and macchiato higher. For you who are interested in coffee flavor is not concentrated, piccolo latte could be an option for you.

Piccolo Latte

Piccolo Latte Composition

Piccolo Latte Composition

Material :

30 ml single / 60 ml double espresso
30-60 ml of milk


Espresso machine
milk Jug

How to make:
1. Basic Materials espresso
2. frothing milk until the resulting foam
3. Pour the milk and foam in the ratio 1: 1
4. Ready to serve

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