Method Concentrated Drink Coffee Espresso

Drink Coffee Espresso with Sweet Cake

Drink Coffee Espresso

Follow the method that you enjoy, the lover of black coffee espresso happy to follow the ritual while drinking strong coffee espresso them and debating which method is the most superior. Many opinions and common methods are described below, but even the experts can not agree which of these methods is “best”. If you want to try several methods in one drinking session, clean the palate of your mouth with water before every sip. Kiss espresso. Navigate cup to your nose and inhale the aroma with a long and slow breaths. The aroma is a major part of the taste.

Approach crema. A layer of “crema” light brown are the most bitter part of the espresso, so drink espresso “newbies” often do not want to immediately try it. Here are some ways the approach, used by at least some drinkers “experts”:

Stir with a spoon or replay crema cups in a circular shape to mix it with the rest of the espresso (do not lick the spoon if you do not want to taste the bitter and fresh crema).

Sip crema that bitterness lifted. Some people would stir the rest of crema, but others will take the rest of his coffee with crema are still separated.

Drink Espresso Coffee Step

Drink Espresso Coffee Step

Lift crema with a spoon and discard. This method may not conform to the views of the traditional coffee drinkers, but even some cooks prefer a sweeter drink, light, and texture balanced.

Consider the method of “gulp”. Coffee Espresso taste began to change (some people think it feels worse) within a period of 15 to 30 seconds of extraction, as well as when crema began to dissolve into the cup. You can try to drink only one or two swallows (try it this way at least once) to see what it was changed, but know you will get a taste of the dark.

Test the temperature of the drink before trying this.
You might want to suck liquid crema or mixture as a different flavor to begin with.
Try to drink in small sips. To know the taste changes that occur in a cup of espresso sips a drink without stirring for a more consistent taste, stir before you sip. Whatever way you choose, try to spend espresso before espresso cools.

Cooling will change the flavor of espresso, or make certain flavors more powerful, but usually, it is a negative thing, especially after the drinks adjust the temperature to room temperature.
Try stir and sip “doppio espresso ‘, or the size of a double-shot, to find the balance between upper and lower layers are different.

Drink Espresso Coffee

Drink Espresso Coffee

Add sugar. This step intentionally added after methods for a regular espresso drink, as most fans do not like the addition of espresso drinks to them. Try adding a sweet touch to a low-quality cup of espresso, or when you’re just starting to drink espresso and need to divert attention from drinks coffee sweeter.

Serve with soda water. Some cafe serving espresso with a small glass of soda at his side. Sips a soda before drinking espresso to cleanse your palate. Drink sparkling water only after you spend an espresso if you do not like the taste – and do so without the knowledge of the barista.

Lately, several coffee shops have begun to offer “Coffee sparkling” … but, be prepared to get a view of strange if you try to make it yourself.

Drink Coffee Espresso with Cocolate

Drink Espresso Coffee with Chocolate

Serve with chocolate. Cafes Italian sometimes serving espresso with a piece of chocolate. Avoid other additional dishes that have a strong sense, particularly biscuits and pastries.
Typically espresso is served alone.

For espresso tasting sessions, serve crackers fresh and pure water to wash the palate with every sip.
Mix it with alcohol or food. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream into your coffee espresso to make “affogato”, or add to the coffee cake recipe instead of using instant coffee. Of course, you can remain faithful to drink coffees from the world cafe with espresso is more complex, such as latte, mocha, or a cappuccino.

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