The History about Espresso Machine

For fans of espresso, espresso machine usage purpose is to obtain pure flavor, complex, and steady from the extraction of coffee brewing in a relatively short time. The new espresso machine is present in the history of the 19th century, and even then still through several times improvement before becoming its present form.

Modern espresso machine was originally developed as a means of more quickly brew coffee using steam power. Here’s a very brief history of espresso machines since its inception.

Early emergence penyeduh Coffee Machines Steam

Coffee penyeduh steam engine began to be made in the 19th century, when the central European nation devoted to the coffee. This machine was created after many complaints would be the old-style coffee brewing process is slow. Of the various types of machines are created, machine-made Italian Angelo MORIONDO be the first machine that combines a patented brewing techniques with water and steam. However, Luigi Bezzera be the one to enhance the engine by adding new elements, such as the portafilter, as well as turning it into a single shot espresso machine first.

Bezzera then formed a partnership with Desiderio Pavoni to enhance the machine. Pavoni bought the rights to his patent in 1903. Pavoni create a variety of changes to enhance the machine, for example by adding a pressurized pipe to pour coffee without having to make the barista exposed to splashing hot coffee because the pressure is released suddenly. The term began their espresso cafee introduced in 1906, when they brought the machine to show Milan Fair. The term “Espresso Machine” is becoming increasingly popular and shapes that then appear more unique and diverse.

Emerging Modern Espresso Machine

poemia-1_fullAt the beginning of the 20th century, electricity became popular and the next espresso machine was no longer using steam power. Engine forms tend to be smaller and lighter, especially with the popularity of the style of Art Deco began. Popularity Pavoni espresso machine then rivaled by Pier teresio Arduino. Although in his day did not make the Arduino Pavoni espresso machine that great, but the Arduino has the ability in terms of marketing so that the espresso machine began to be known outside of Italy. In other words, thanks to the espresso machine Arduinolah spread throughout Europe.

More modern developments of espresso machines then marked by the emergence of machine that is capable of extracting coffee with pressures above 2 bar without making coffee powder “burn”, ie artificial Achille Gaggia espresso machine, a cafe owner in Milan. Before the emergence of this Gaggia machine, the extraction pressure on the espresso machine that is only up to 2 bar. In addition to donations about 8 to extraction pressure. 10 bar, Gaggia machine is also the first machine to produce espresso with Crema.

Finally, the emergence of the modern espresso machine in 1961 that pioneered Ernesto Valente, with his machine Faema E61, marking the beginning of the latest developments espresso machine as we know it today. Instead of relying on manual pressure on the lever, Faema E61 using a motor pump to produce pressure 9 bar. In the process, a reference E61 technology innovations of existing espresso machine.

One of the modern espresso machine is ura-9 Ena Micro Coffee Machine. Coffee maker that is very practical for you coffee lovers, with this tool you will be able to immediately enjoy the processed coffee in front of you in just a few minutes. With the latest technology, there is the One Touch automatic bean-to-cup and fine foam technology in this machine. In addition there are energy save mode. The coffee machine is easy for you to clean, loose enough water storage on this device then you will be easier to clean.

With One Touch technology, you simply press a button with symbols that exist in this coffee machine. You can enjoy a few servings of coffee latte macchiato, cappuccino, cafe creme, espresso, and hot water. You can enjoy the ease of just dean pressing one button.

As the worldwide smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine, Jura Ena 9 Coffee Machine Micro silver and has an elegant design, suitable to be placed anywhere.

Whatever form your cup, the coffee machine has a tool that can be adjusted to the height and the short (15 – 88mm) your cup. So you do not need a special cup to use this coffee machine. The coffee machine has a container for storing coffee beans. Interestingly, in these containers there seals to retain flavor and keep the coffee beans keep it nice and fresh.

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