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Sidikalang coffee

Sidikalang coffee

Coffee lovers heard Sidikalang coffee. The coffee that was once a famous Sumatra coffee icons and even overseas. Coffee Sidikalang must come from Sidikalang, a district in Dairi regency in the province of North Sumatra.

Sidikalang is the capital of Dairi is geographically located in the northwest of North Sumatra with an area of about 191 625 ha, or approximately 2.67% of the total area of the province of North Sumatra (71.68 million hectares). Subdistrict Sidikalang located at an altitude of 1,066 meters above sea level (above sea level) makes Sidikalang be a very good area for coffee plants.

Electrolux ECM3200 Coffee Maker – 1. 5L


Greet the Morning Sun with a Cup of Electrolux Coffee Grind, Recognizing the needs of households of each grain of coffee in the morning is required marker Grind & Brew coffee type of ECM 3200. This tool can speed up the serving of coffee in the morning for coffee beans ground immediately at any time. Preprogram the system tool is ready to work whenever needed.

Coffee lovers can set the print density the corresponding number of cups of coffee and the like. You can save time and free to do all the activities in the morning. The advantages of this type of coffee maker have a high ability to work at the same time can grind coffee beans.

Pancong coffee and coffee culture in West Kalimantan

Pancong coffee

Pancong coffee, Night had just arrived. Stretching nightlife in Gajah Mada street , Pontianak began. Along the way, seen many rows of two-wheeled vehicles are parked neatly, right in front of the coffee shop (warkop). Total warkop in Jalan Gajah Mada is quite a lot. There are classy, some are mediocre.

Various chat flow. Starting from a serious matter, the business up to the stories of other rumors continue to flow in the coffee shop.

Batam the city of a thousand coffee shop

Cafe shop in Batam

Batam is now known as the city of a thousand coffee shop. Very easy to find a coffee shop in the city of Batam. Design coffee shop in Batam varies adapted to the target market targeted. You can find a coffee shop hung a motorcycle taxi driver at the intersection of the entrance to the housing complex. There is another coffee shop at traditional markets are often used by market traders to take a break and talking about their business.

Somewhat to the segment slightly above the coffee shop in the complex, there are shops, coffee shops like this are usually used by the businessmen who have business activities in the field to meet with business partners. Then the coffee shop business centers such as Nagoya, dating, and Batam Center, the venue for big business dealings going on.

Enjoy Manggarai Coffee from Flores

The Specialty Manggarai Coffee from Flores

The Specialty Manggarai Coffee from Flores

I hear stories of friends Flores coffee in the office is well-known for its delicious taste. I myself am not a coffee lover, just occasionally I drink coffee when they feel sleepy while working in the office. In a distinguishing taste of coffee, to be honest, I still do not understand and laity. Indonesia For some people, coffee is the beverage most suitable favors and served to guests who come to visit the house.

Denge village in Manggarai Regency is the place where I first tasted coffee Manggarai. When I would visit Waerebo, I have to go through the village Denge. At that time there were only Homestay is owned by Mr. Blasius was empty, seeing my confusion, Pak Agus, who is a neighbor of Mr. Blasius call and entertain me with coffee Manggarai.