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M3 Quest Coffee Roaster

M3 Quest Coffee Roaster

Some time ago, I tried to roast coffee Bali coffee, using a sample made in Taiwan, namely the M3 Quest Coffee Roaster. He is a roaster machine with a maximum capacity of 300 grams that use electricity as a heat source. Overall the roasting machine is made of stainless steel with a total weight of 10 kg. Quest M3 roaster Coffee Roaster is a machine that is operated entirely manually, without any preset button for automatic cooling profiles and the Like Behmor. Through setting the temperature and air flow (water flow) in the drum manually, we can dig more wealth flavor and aroma of coffee.

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

Although most Indonesian people are still using ‘unfiltered’, good coffee is coming out of a long process, starting from the coffee grinder until the coffee brewer is the requirement that the best coffee can be enjoyed.

Although many negative assumptions about them, coffee is actually storing nutrients and essential minerals, antioxidants, and helps the body to release the hormone adrenaline. The problem is getting a delicious coffee is not easy, and instant powder in containers, not a healthy alternative. That’s why it is very important for the role of barista coffee lovers.

Coffee Nitro: Coffee with a mixture Nitrogen

Coffee Nitro

If you are true coffee fans then you must know which type of coffee beverage that is a trend throughout 2015. What did you first think when reading the title of this article? Unique, Curious, or want to try. I also feel what you feel therefore I will provide information about the drinks that are popular among coffee lovers. I direct us to consider a trip Coffee Nitro in this article.

But, you already know yet, if nitrogen could be useful also in the manufacture of coffee? Although drip coffee and espresso coffee lovers have dominated the hard-line, iced coffee has begun to have its own followers. One iced coffee is coffee nitro.

Knowing the types of black coffee

espresso black coffee

Black Coffee, now coffee has become a lifestyle. Often we see people passing by, holding a coffee in her hand. I wonder how much of their work to take caffeine every day. Moreover, the proliferation of coffee shops in Indonesia enables us to get a cup of coffee. But, actually, you know not you think that black coffee that is diverse?

Frappe is a typical Greek iced coffee product

Frappe culture in greece

Frappe Coffee culture has long been a habit of Greeks. This culture is inherent in the whole society. From the recognition of the owner of the coffee shop, Kleanthis Kanellos, the Greek citizens certainly willing to pay top dollar for the sake of a cup of coffee, provided that the coffee has a good taste.

Although the current money supply is limited, but not the slightest lack of interest for the community to enjoy a cup of coffee. For comparison, the price of coffee in Indonesia is much cheaper compared to Greece. In Greece, a cup of black coffee at a price tag of about twenty-nine thousand rupiahs compared with Indonesia, which is only two thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, for the coffee frappe appreciated sixty-six thousand rupiahs. Nevertheless, Greek citizens still love it, and it makes it a favorite.