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The Unique and Best Coffee in Singapore

Coffee in Singapore

Ambiance and unique venue while enjoying a cup of coffee, of course, can add a special experience for those who claim to be true coffee lovers. Therefore, the coffeehouse culture is now used as an art product and presented with a more artistic signature that reflects the owner. If in the near future you are planning on going on holiday to Singapore, Far East, as the owner and operator of hospitality major one in Singapore, share resources option best cafe in Singapore which will be the best way you enjoy a cup of coffee like a native.

In Singapore, the coffee you can enjoy various kinds of places from Kopi O Gau in the tavern traditional Kopitiam up a cup of espresso in a coffee shop or a glass of latte luxury with beautiful decoration on it in a local tavern. Now, the present era when coffee made as a product of art and presented from various parts of the world such as America, Australia, Europe to Singapore.

KL Village Café for low budget foreign tourists

KL Village Café

Stopover place known as the foreign tourists ‘low budget’ in Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta apparently play fosters the establishment of cafes scattered along the road, one of which KL Village Café Kopi Tiam or KL. Keep in mind, the cafe that stood since 2008 initially only served typical Malaysian street food, as Teh Tarik, coffee Pull, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Nasi Biryani.

But along the way, variants of the available menu, even more, diverse. Ranging from toast, chicken porridge, porridge eggs, chicken porridge mushrooms, cap jay mix, kale oyster, kailan anchovies, oxtail soup, chicken soup, seafood soup, rolled blank, rolled egg, rolled bananas, rolled strawberry, rolled salad, and taste Other.

Killiney Kopitiam restaurant style food Singapore and Malaysia

killiney kopitiam

Last Saturday, I & besties meet in Central Park. Somehow, if at Central Park like confused about what to eat, it is the intention of a few days before choosing a restaurant, until today still confused about what to eat. Finally after tell-errand for picking, the Soe chose Killiney Kopitiam.

Previously I’ve also never eat there anyway, just kinda forget what to eat, and good or not. Rather than an hour did not eat because could not determine where to eat, eventually to Killiney. Killiney name is derived from the name of Killiney Road, Singapore street there, because it is the origin of this Kopitiam of Singapore and the expansion seems to Killiney Kopitiam in Indonesia at a time when more and more.

My Kopi O! : cafe restaurant original from Indonesia

My Kopi O

My Kopi O! is a cafe restaurant originating from Indonesia. Kopitiam concept of modern, My Kopi-O! always offer something new and unique from food, drinks or Interior and Event. My Kopi-O! comes from the desire to combine Western and Asian Style in all aspects, with a design concept that is friendly and dynamic.

Everything is My Favorite. True, all the menus in My Kopi-O! a favorite for our customers. Almost all kinds of food and beverages ordered visitors every day. in addition, to selling a wide range of coffee alias coffee places also offer a variety of foods, from appetizers, main course, to dessert snacks. Likewise with his drink, although named Kopi-O! But all kinds of drinks there.

Phoenam Café Authentic from Makassar

Kaya Toast and fried

The term coffee tiam was not too long popular among foodies. The term is said to be used to refer to drinking coffee or now perhaps more familiarly known by the coffee shop. Makassar is quite a lot of places are starting to use this term to refer to himself, one of which is Phoenam Café.

Coffee. I love the black liquor since age I have not even allowed sitting in elementary school. This is due, my mama was brewed coffee lovers. So every afternoon I have always approached the mother to come get a mouthful of hot coffee delicious homemade mother’s brother Pik, my beloved nanny.
Two sips of a mouthful, I finally had to get a special small cup of coffee mugs for myself besides the mother is greater. Very delighted. For me since then, coffee has substances that can make my heart happy.