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Batam the city of a thousand coffee shop

Cafe shop in Batam

Batam is now known as the city of a thousand coffee shop. Very easy to find a coffee shop in the city of Batam. Design coffee shop in Batam varies adapted to the target market targeted. You can find a coffee shop hung a motorcycle taxi driver at the intersection of the entrance to the housing complex. There is another coffee shop at traditional markets are often used by market traders to take a break and talking about their business.

Somewhat to the segment slightly above the coffee shop in the complex, there are shops, coffee shops like this are usually used by the businessmen who have business activities in the field to meet with business partners. Then the coffee shop business centers such as Nagoya, dating, and Batam Center, the venue for big business dealings going on.

Asian Dolce Latte premium Starbucks Espresso Roast


Starbucks Indonesia has also introduced their new beverage, the Asian Dolce Latte. Mirza from the Learning and Development Starbucks also shared their experiences and knowledge about the journey of coffee, starting from the grower, buyer, roaster to process barista. The process is quite long and interesting it makes the coffee produced by Starbucks has always been a favorite for the wider community.

For friends who like coffee drinks heavily, probably would like to have black coffee Sumatra. The taste is bitter but not as a whole, when taken slowly almost like drinking chocolate but still there is a sense of bitterness, strong aroma of spices was once the poor, and the coffee is less acidity making it safe for the stomach.

Spacious and Comfortable of Milestone Cafe in Bali

MIlestone Cafe Shop

Monday busy! I was curious about a new coffee shop in the city of Denpasar think I hear again havening. That is Milestone Cafe. Do you know about Azucar Cookies some time ago was also more crowded in social media, today, you can buy and enjoy more variants (not just a cookie) on Azucar Bake Shop, Milestone Cafe, a new coffee shop in town. They have the same owner, and it turns out, he is also the owner of Softlens Japan. You already know about contact lens. Many bloggers use their contact lenses for eye effect and choice of colors.

Talking about Spain Cortado Coffee

cortado coffee


When talking about Spain, which first arose in our heads is a bull, the matador, and typical dances of the country concerned. Whereas Spain also has a cortado coffee culture that is not less interesting with its cultures other, also the coffee culture of another country. The Spaniards did not quite as stylish as those in Vienna in terms of coffee, and they do not have the coffee community – but they also have a coffee habit attractive. The terms and names that they use for each drink coffee are also different from other countries

Cortado (the word “Cortar” from Spanish, means cutting); also known as the “Tallat” in Catalan, “Ebaki” in Basque, “Pingo” or “Garoto” in Portugal and “noisette” in France; is espresso cut with a little warm milk to reduce the acidity. The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1: 01-1: 02, and the milk is added to the espresso cup filled.

Nylon Coffee Singapore

Nylon Coffee Singapore

On a sunny afternoon of December 2015, a cup of coffee Santa Petrona – El Salvador to be the answer to a curiosity that stuck since August. This is the first time I drank Nylon coffee directly in its place. By the time 15 minutes before they close, slowly my coffee had shot inhaled the scent of flowers, the taste is very light, with medium acidity and bitterness are vague and quickly disappeared after crossing the throat.

built since May 2012, its presence in the residential area of Everton Park is a haven for the true coffee drinkers. Occupying a space that is far from the extensive word for a coffee shop, the concept of coffee in different impressed Nylon Coffee where a long table where guests sipped become favorite coffee while standing. Although the number of seats is not much, but customers always meet this place. The main magnet is not only the friendliness of the owner of Jia Min Lee and Dennis Tang but also special coffee beans they provide.