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Coffee Culture in Tiongkok

Coffee Culture in Tiongkok

Based on the research data, the number of the coffee shop in Tiongkok more than doubled from 15,000 to 31,000 during the period 2007-2012. So even with one of the international coffee chain already has branches throughout the world, currently has around a thousand outlets in China and is targeting 1 500 outlets in 2015. It is little wonder, the article, China is known for his tea consumption is high.

Global brands such as Starbucks entered China since 1999 continue to target the younger generation and the premium market segment. Starbucks currently has 1,001 cafes and targets to open 1,500 outlets in China by the end of 2015. Shanghai as the city early to know the culture of coffee drinking once had the highest growth in the consumption of coffee, Starbucks has more than 100 outlets.

Cambodia Coffee

Cambodia Coffee Shop

Ever visit Cambodia? A country is known for Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields also has an attractive coffee culture. Centered on a capital called Phnom Penh, Cambodia actually similar to our country. Still fit into the category of developing countries, Phnom Penh city streets full of vehicles, congestion everywhere, school children, workers went to the office and all the things that show the state of the morning in Cambodia is similar to what happened in Indonesia.

In Cambodia, agricultural coffee is grown in the highlands of North Mondulkiri in Cambodia. The coffee beans are roasted to black. Coffee farming in Cambodia same as in Indonesia, only Indonesia, more mountainous coffee taste more diverse causes.

Quality of Colombian Coffee

Colombia coffee picker exports

What do you think about Colombia? Football player? Political coup? Yeah, Colombia audience is more known as a country full of political intrigue than Colombian Coffee. But, that’s not what we are going to discuss. There are other things that make Colombia more global, ie coffee. Until now, Colombia is in third place as the country’s largest coffee exporter in the world.

Colombian coffee is grown in the highlands and the painstaking care tends to get in the shade of banana and rubber trees. This coffee is one of the best in the world, rich, dense, and very balanced. Coffea Arabica L., better known as Arabica beans, prefer a higher altitude and drier climates than its cousin, the low-quality Robusta beans (C. robusta). Therefore, barren mountains and lands a bit dry and rich in volcanic Colombia make ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee.

Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee

For those of you, coffee lovers may have a habit every morning to sip a cup of hot coffee. Drinking Coffee habits of this seem to be mandatory activities the morning after or before bathing. So, something was odd when leaving the coffee morning worship.

But, you are not aware of the extent to which drinking coffee affects almost all of your body, from the eyes to the blood, even a few minutes after you sip? There is a small observation on the effects of coffee can affect everything in our bodies.

Arabic coffee from Cirebon, West Java

Arabic Coffee

Islamic culture in Cirebon was very interesting to learn with Arabic coffee. Cirebon not only famous for batik motifs, art architecture of the building is beautiful, his art, or the art of dance, but also drink coffee cultural.

Cirebon people know coffee drinks known as “Arabian Coffee”. It feels warm not only felt in the mouth and throat but also down to the abdomen. Although Arabic coffee is one of the ways people out there for coffee, coffee from Cirebon is called “Arabic coffee” not because the seeds come from Arab, but because it was originally created by the descendants of Arab hereditary since their arrival to Cirebon and settled around the mosque as a pottery craftsman.